Sierra 4330 6.5mm 130gr TGK 100 Pack Ammunition

Sierra 4330 6.5mm 130gr TGK 100pk

SKU 092763043301

Brand Sierra


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The BulletSmiths® at Sierra have combined legendary accuracy with bone-punching power into a brand new bullet design to put you ahead of the game on your next hunt. Outside, the GAMECHANGER features an extremely accurate boat tail profile with a polymer tip seated in a hollow point design for fast expansion on impact.

Inside, the lead core surrounded by a thick, tough copper jacket delivers excellent penetration and controlled expansion at any range. It’s the confidence you’ll want to make the shot—and deliver a potent payload at the end of the line—and that’s a GAMECHANGER on any hunt. Look for the new GAMECHANGER at your favorite retailer in a variety of popular big game calibers.