Minimum Charge: $80.00

Quotation (waived if work is performed): $80.00

Gunsmithing Hourly Rate: $160



Lighten Trigger - Adjustment: $80.00 Plus cost of parts

Lighten Trigger - Full Trigger: $160.00 Plus cost of parts

Strip and Clean - Bolt Action: from $160.00

Strip and Clean - Pump or Lever Action: from $190.00

Machine Thread and Thread Cap Protector: from $250.00

Machine Thread for Brake: from $200.00

Rebarrel (plus cost of barrel): $550.00

Apoxy Bed and Float: $350.00

Installation Sako/ M16 Extractor (kits separate): $300.00

Pillar Bedding and Float: $550.00

Re-Crown: $160.00

Fit Recoil Pad (pad separate): from $160.00

Fit Bolt Handle (excluding bolt knob): from $150.00

Fit Sling Swivels (plus cost of swivels): from $80.00

Accurising / Trueing: $550.00

Bead Blast Finish: from $80.00

Scope Fitting / Levelling (only if not purchased in store): $80.00



Opening Fixed Chokes (per barrel): from $60.00

Lighten Trigger (per side): from $160.00

Strip and Clean: from $90.00

Shorten Barrels and Refit Bead: from $160.00

Fit Centre / Front Bead (drill and tap): from $80.00

Fit Bead (no drilling): $80.00

Fit Recoil Pad (pad separate): from $160.00

Replacement Firing Pin (per each): from $160.00



Smooth and Lighten Trigger: from $160.00

Additional Work Available: POA

"From" will be charged at hourly rate (customer to be informed if price will vary)




Single Colour (slide only or frame only): from $160

Complete Pistol single colour: from $480

Complete Pistol (Two Tone): $560

Pistol Accessories: $80



Rifle Stock, single colour only ( Single Colour, Single coat): $350

Barrelled action and bolt only (includes mirco slick of bolt body): $350

Skeleton chassis: from $550

Barrel only: from $160

Mirco slick bolt only: $100

Accessories (Muzzle brakes etc): from $80



All work: POA


****** Rubber parts will NOT be painted *******